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Hi, I started talking to someone as soon as lockdown happened. We have been talking for over 2 months now. Has been calling and facetiming everyday, has shown interest and has pretty much ticked all my boxes. The main problem is that he told me that in the past he used to be in love with his girl bestfriend of 5 years (Who happens to be a social influencer, so is well known, admired by many etc). They went on a date and it just didn't work out and they left it at that. However, I constantly see him like all her pictures on ig, she's even promoted some of the clothes from his brand recently, so I know she is still in his life. I know that it is early days to be worried about this but it is stopping me from taking things further with him and I am unsure what to do. 

There are a couple of things going on. It is easy to feel that we know someone by communicating through the internet and by phone. One doesn't really know an individual until they have spent in person time with them. Being with this guy in person over time will indicate if you are in the friend zone or romantic one.  Sometime we might fantasize about a guy we haven't actually met face to face.  Hold your judgement until you arrange a meeting.  

A point in his favour is that he has been honest about having a girl best friend and that dating didn't work. You said she is his "girl bestfriend of 5 years." He did not drop this good friend just because they are not suited for dating. They do not have a long dating history, which could muddy feelings and make things confusing. They sound firmly in the friend zone, so people do like pictures etc of their friends on social media. I do, 

When you meet in person and talk about this girl bestfriend, you will be able to read his body language. You will have a better grasp if he is being upfront with his feelings for this other women. He didn't hide her. Please let us know how your in person meetings go with this new guy, 


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