How to Break into a Group to Meet a Woman You are Attracted To (by Daniel)

Restaurants, movies, and public places often require a group approach. Get used to it. Women, especially those who are attractive, are not found alone in public. Remember to have good social skills. Be respectable and acknowledge others in a group before locking in on your target. If you’re nice to the group, they will be nice to you, and may even encourage the woman you like to be nice to you. 

Make the group feel comfortable. Don’t stare at her. Don’t focus on her. Until you have made friends with the entire group, do not pay more attention to her than others in the group. Once you have made friends with the group, they will help you connect with the girl. Wait a few minutes until you have built comfort with everyone and then ask: 

So, how do you all know each other?” 

If there are guys in the group, you will quickly find out the relationship of the girl relative to them. If you discover she has a boyfriend, politely say: 

Nice to meet you all. Have a good night.” 

Sometimes the man you thought was a boyfriend will turn out to be a protecting friend called an orbiter. An orbiter is a guy pretending to be just her friend when secretly he wants something more. He's waiting for the right time to make his move, hoping to escalate his relationship with her to more than just friends. That will never happen. A girl values friendship more than sex. Once a friend, always a friend. That’s why you need to stay out of the friend’s zone as I cover in depth in my PDF, How to Meet and Talk to Women. 

After you’ve made friends with the group, that’s the time to start paying attention to her. If she likes you, try this: 

Hey, guys, I like your friend. Is it OK if I talk to her for a second? I’m going to borrow her for a minute. We won’t be long. I’ve got to be going.” 

It’s not a question. 

Get her email and phone number, then tell her to go back to the group. She will miss you. Call or text her later and ask how the rest of her night went.

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