Get Out Of Your Dating Past (by Wendi)

One cannot move forward in the dating world when living in the past. Yes, process what did not work in your recent dating experiences, so as not to repeat them. Visiting the past is not the same as being a permanent resident there. When your thoughts and energy are directed to ruminating about old relationships, that hinders you from meeting a great man or woman now. 
These are signs that you are stuck in the past:

  • Your conversations are about who you used to date. The one that got away 
  • Friends are tactfully changing the subject often (they are sick of you going on about old dates) 
  • Places and things keep reminding you about former dating partners 
  • You are not getting much enjoyment in life. 
  • You keep saying there is nobody interesting out there 
  • You fantasize about your past dates. 

Here's get out of this rut: 

  • Avoid triggers, such as the coffee shop you frequented with an old flame. 
  • Listening to “our song”.  Avoid music that a former date enjoyed, at least for a while. 
  • Start doing new activities: painting, sports, travel 
  • Join some groups to meet new people, who can become friends or potential dates 
  •  When you follow these tips, you will be able to move on in the dating world.

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