Dating During Covid-19 (by Wendi)

Be creative when dating someone during this pandemic. 

Go outside on your dates. Go hiking, mountain climbing, skating, kayaking. A long walk provides the opportunity to learn more about your date. If you have dogs, plan on walking them together.  Many restaurants have meals for take away. This is the same for coffee shops. I meet up with different friends (one at a time) and we get our lattes and go to a nearby park. There are hardly any people there and we keep our social distance.  This can be done with a date. 

Do an activity together. Pick a theme such as cooking Italian pasta, making tiramisu and watching an Italian film.  The point is to be creative while following the rules of where you live during this corona virus outbreak.  This is the time to get through a boxed DVD set you have meaning to see. Or have a marathon of Netflix movies. 

Stay away from a crowd and have fun with your date. Keep hand sanitizer with you. Stay clear of people who are coughing.  Avoid a one-night stand and a goodnight kiss. Taking precautions such as good hand-washing, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet reduces the chance of catching anything. Manuka honey is anti-viral and I take a teaspoon every day. 

The same rules apply as they did before the virus. Particularly for women, if you do not know someone well, then do not invite them to your place. Be safe. If you break off the relationship, better for them not to know where you live. Also, you do not want to get into a tricky situation where your date thinks you are on the menu.

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